Maria Vozza, PSA

I sell homes, not houses.

As a realtor I pride myself on helping every family I meet find a house that perfectly fits their needs and budget, turning every house into a home.  

Many years ago I almost lost my home, but unlike many I was fortunate that I didn't.  It was one of the worse times of my life; and from that moment on I dedicated my life to helping others find their dream home and making sure they could afford to stay in it. 

Being a realtor is a passion of mine that fills my heart with joy everyday, it also gives me the privilege of making my clients FRIENDS!.  And for this I am truly blessed.

Servicing Burlington, Camden and parts of Gloucster counties for almost a decade I am your neighborhood specialist and friend.

Families and homes are the cornerstone of a happy life.  And didn't someone, somewhere, over the rainbow say......

​There's No Place Like Home